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There are many contributing factors to car accidents in the Nashville area. It is unfortunate when a driver attempts to evade police officers and drives in a reckless manner that endangers responsible drivers and pedestrians. Police chases frequently end in car accidents that cause area residents to suffer severe personal injuries and also place our law enforcement officers at risk.

A recent police chase in North Nashville ended in a car crash. The car accident happened last Tuesday at approximately 4 a.m. according to authorities. The police chase ended when the car crashed at the intersection of 9th Avenue North and Clay Street.

One of the confusing aspects of this crash is that police do not know why the driver fled. The police chase started a few blocks from the intersection of the crash when police noticed the driver speeding, WTVF-TV reports. The police officer activated his lights to pull the driver over but the driver did not stop.

The police gave chase and witnessed the car crash. The occupants of the car then fled on foot, but police officers captured one of the suspects and began a search for the other car occupant. It is unclear why the occupants of the car ran or whether either person suffered personal injuries in the crash. It is also unclear whether the police captured the driver or a passenger.

Nothing suspicious was found after a search of the car according to WTVF-TV. There are also no reports as to the amount of property damage that the crash caused.

Source: WTVF-TV News Channel 5, “Car Crashes After Police Chase In North Nashville,” 4/19/11

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