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Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of Tennesseans between the ages of 3 and 34. Children are at risk for severe personal injuries from car accidents because their bodies are not as fully developed or as strong as average adult bodies. Child pedestrians hit by cars are also at risk for serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

A hit-and-run driver recently caused the wrongful death of a Tennessee girl according to WMCTV. A motorist hit the 12-year-old girl and others as they rode horses near Jackson. The horse ridden by a 21-year-old male and the girl was struck first around 10 p.m. The 12-year-old was knocked from her horse and died from her injuries. She was rushed to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital but pronounced dead.

The truck that hit the two young people continued driving and struck a second horse with a 20-year-old rider. The 20-year-old and the 21-year-old horse riders suffered minor injuries. The young men say that instead of calling police and stopping to help, the truck driver allegedly got out of his truck, removed its license plate, and drove off.

Hit-and-run drivers are a problem in Tennessee and around the country. Hit-and-run drivers often cause severe accidents and then flee the scene, fearing personal injury lawsuits or criminal repercussions for their negligent actions.

The young horse riders describe the hit-and-run truck driver as a shirtless white male with a crew haircut. Local authorities believe that a 28-year-old who lives near the crash scene may be involved.

Source: WMCTV, “12-year-old killed in hit-and-run horseback riding accident,” Janice Broach, 6/1/11

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