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Motorcycle crashes impact Nashville residents of all walks of life. Although most of the motorcycle crash victims discussed on this blog are typical residents, there are many high profile motorcycle crash victims as well. One of these celebrity crash victims is Casey James, the country singer who placed third on American Idol’s ninth season.

The country singer recently revealed that he was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and says that the accident changed his outlook on life.

“It’s affected me as a person in every way,” James said. “It opened my eyes up to the fact that I was taking a lot of things for granted and you never know when could be the last time you say goodbye to somebody, or the last time that you play guitar, or sing. All those things being forefront in my mind now, I really appreciate everything that I’ve got and the time that I have.”

James went on to say that the risk of being involved in a serious motorcycle accident made him think about his legacy. He wants to be a good influence on the world and “leave a good mark.”

“Did I do things the right way? Did I treat people the way that I want to be treated? All those things are important to me now, and it’s crystal clear, where it used to not be so important,” James said.

The Texas native started leaving his mark by signing to Sony Nashville’s BNA Records, recording a debut album, and releasing his first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night.” The singer opened shows for Sugarland and hinted that his next project will start at the beginning of next year.

Source: The Boot, “Casey James Grateful for ‘Opened Eyes’ Following Motorcycle Crash,” Gayle Thompson, Aug. 29, 2011

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