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People use public transportation for a variety of reasons. Some people use local buses because they want to help protect the environment. Others assume that the morning commute will be safer on a bus because buses are less frequently involved in traffic accidents than cars. Although buses are generally safer than passenger vehicles, bus accidents do occur occasionally. Personal injuries from bus accidents may also be more wide ranging because buses carry significantly more passengers than the typical vehicle.

At least 15 people were injured last week when a MTA bus crashed in downtown Nashville. The crash happened last Thursday shortly before 2 p.m. near the I-40 on-ramp at Second Avenue South and Lafayette Street.

Chief Charles Shannon of the Nashville Fire Department said that the personal injuries were relatively minor and caused by the bus rear-ending a mini-van.

“The bus came to what appeared to be a sudden stop and there were people that were tossed around a bit. No one hit the floor, but there were minor arm injuries and things of that nature,” Chief Shannon said.

Almost a dozen people were rushed to Vanderbilt Hospital and Baptist Hospital. The intersection was also closed for about an hour as the crash was being investigated.

It is unclear whether the accident was attributable to negligent driving on the part of the mini-van driver or the bus driver. Typically in crashes like this both the Metro Transit Authority and the van driver would face personal injury lawsuits arising out of the crash.

Source: NewsChannel5, “15 People Treated For Injuries In MTA Bus Crash,” Nov. 10, 2011

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