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Three people were reported injured after a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus was involved in an accident around 10 a.m. in downtown Nashville. Authorities say that this morning’s crash happened at 9th Avenue North and Church Street and that three of the bus passengers were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Witnesses say that the driver of a car ran a red light caused the car accident, but the investigation of the crash is still ongoing. The driver of the car and the bus driver were not reported hurt.

There are many contributing factors to car accidents such as this one. Although it is relatively rare for a driver to intentionally run a red light in downtown Nashville, many distracted drivers are known to run lights because they are too busy texting instead of watching the road. It is unclear whether texting played a role in this particular accident or whether the driver involved has a history of traffic violations which could explain this crash.

It is also unclear what type of injuries the people on the bus sustained. Common types of traffic accident injuries include soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. These injuries often form the basis of personal injury lawsuits against the responsible parties. A personal injury lawsuit is one of the best ways to hold a negligent driver responsible for the damage that he or she has caused. A Nashville personal injury attorney can help a car accident victim obtain compensation for his or her injuries and help make sure that similar accidents do not occur to others.

Source: NewsChannel5, “Three Injured In Crash Involving MTA Bus, Car,” Jan 3., 2011

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