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Yesterday we discussed the serious bus and truck accident which happened on I-24 in Rutherford County. There are many instances in which truck and bus accidents result in serious personal injuries and fatalities, but in this case the bus driver was able to keep the bus from flipping into a nearby ditch.

Typically it is the striking vehicle which is liable for the damages arising out of a rear-end collision. It may be possible for the passengers of the bus to file a claim against the bus driver however. It is unclear whether the bus driver was driving negligently at the time of the crash or slowed down too abruptly to allow the truck to brake in time.

One Davidson County woman was driving a few cars behind the truck and witnessed the crash.

“There were some signs that were blown down and it looked like it confused the driver of the bus and he slowed down, and then the truck hit the bus from behind,” she said.

The woman’s husband went to help the driver of the truck, who was horrified that he may have caused personal injuries on the bus.

“The driver of the truck opened the door and he just fell out,” the woman said. “My husband and a woman who said she was a nurse ran over to make sure he was OK. They pulled him away from the wreckage because the engine was smoking. He was scared to death he had hurt someone.”

Authorities say that the truck driver was sneezing at the time of the crash and that they do not expect to file charges in the case.

Source: The Tennessean, “Nashville-bound bus hit by truck,” Mark Bell, Jan. 27, 2012

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