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Paramedics are on the scene of a major pileup in Campbell County, Tennessee. A snowstorm blew through the area and apparently caught motorists off guard. Authorities say that at least eight semi-trucks, nine cars, and a Greyhound bus are involved in this serious accident. About 56 people were treated for personal injuries at the scene of the pileup and five people were rushed to local hospitals via ambulance.

Authorities say that the pileup began this afternoon at about 2 p.m. near Jellico. Traffic is being diverted at the moment and all northbound lanes of the highway are blocked. Heavy snow continues to fall so the Red Cross is using Jellico High School as an emergency shelter for stranded travelers in Campbell County. Cots, food and drinks are available to those who need them. The shelter is expected to be open throughout the night.

This is just one of many serious weather-related car accidents in Tennessee recently. These pileups are often caused by truck and car drivers who are driving too fast for the road conditions. Even going under the speed limit can be negligent if visibility conditions or road conditions deteriorate. Authorities say that the road conditions are still poor in the county and that motorists should be extremely cautious if they decide to drive. It may be safer for motorists to stay home if immediate travel is not necessary.

It is unclear how serious of the personal injuries are in this particular set of car accidents or whether the weather conditions are impeding rescue efforts.

Source: WBIR, “18-vehicle crash backs up I-75 in Campbell County,” Feb. 19, 2012

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