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The brain is an extremely strong but extremely vulnerable part of the human body. For this reason, Tennessee residents may find themselves at risk of brain damage as a result of a construction accident, car crash, sports-related injury or a fall. Unfortunately, sometimes symptoms of brain related injuries are difficult to recognize, but brain injuries can create lasting problems for people.

A new study published in the journal Radiology has determined that long-term damage can result from even just one concussion. The study examined the amount of gray and white matter in patients, which indicates brain atrophy. Brain atrophy and changes in the structure of the brain were seen both in patients with severe and traumatic brain injuries but also in people who had experienced a simple concussion. The symptoms suffered by people who had sustained a concussion, including attention problems, memory loss, headache, depression and anxiety, can sometimes last for significant periods of time after the initial injury. The study did not state that concussions cause long-term brain injury but it did indicate that concussions increase the risk.

A brain injury can be traumatic and devastating both for the person suffering the injury and for that person’s family. Many brain injuries cause symptoms that can create significant disruption to both professional and personal relationships or require long-term care. The expenses associated with caring for someone who has suffered a traumatic injury can continue to rise, creating significant financial hardships for people. Although sometimes a brain injury results from a pure accident, in other cases the injury may be due to someone else’s negligence. This is often the case when there is a car accident, a construction site accident or a medical error.

Although it may be difficult to contemplate filing a personal injury lawsuit after a brain injury is diagnosed, it can be important to act quickly to ensure that the victim and his or her family get the compensation they deserve and need. An attorney can help uncover relevant evidence and arrange for expert testimony to demonstrate how a person’s life was affected by the brain injury.

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