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One of the most difficult things about riding a motorcycle is being aware of how each state’s laws differ from those of other states. Not only is this important for ensuring that you obey the law, it is also important to know what other drivers expect of motorcyclists to help avoid motorcycle accidents. Because each state has different laws for motorcyclists, drivers in those states may have certain expectations of how sharing the road with a motorcycle should be.

The sad truth is that many drivers do not see or do not respect the presence of motorcyclists, so as unfair as it may seem, it is in a motorcyclist’s best interests to take precautions on the road. If you intend to ride a motorcycle in Tennessee, either as a full-time resident or a traveler on vacation, it is important for you to know our state’s motorcycle laws and requirements.

Compared to some states, Tennessee is fairly lax when it comes to regulations. For example, there is no restriction on the height of handlebars for motorcyclists in Tennessee, and two motorcycles can operate abreast in the same lane. However, there are still many important safety measures that motorcyclists must abide by, such as wearing a safety helmet and operating with eye protection, unless your motorcycle has a windscreen.

Of course it is very possible that you obey all of Tennessee’s laws and you drive as defensively as you can, and you still find yourself in an accident. The fact is that it only takes a moment of negligence for other drivers to strike a motorcyclist and cause serious or fatal injuries. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Tennessee, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the aspects of your case.

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