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Motor vehicle accidents are extremely dangerous, as they can cause a multitude of serious injuries in one devastating moment. Depending on the speed, size and weight of the vehicles, as well as various other factors, you could find yourself pierced by shards of glass, bruised by blunt force and more. In the most extreme and tragic cases, a fatality may occur. Because size is such a large factor in these accidents, truck accidents are generally the most serious types of automobile accidents, often causing many injuries.

The extent of injuries suffered from a truck accident can range from bruises and broken bones to brain injuries or even fatality. Such accidents can obviously occur in more traditional passenger car accidents, but they are almost always more serious in a truck accident. In fact, with enough impact force or whiplash, your spinal cord may be damaged, resulting in cases such as paraplegia or quadriplegia.

In addition to these injuries that can be common in both truck accidents and car accidents, there are other types of injuries that are specific to truck accidents, specifically accidents involving materials that a truck may be transporting. For example, if you are involved in a truck accident in which the truck was transporting gasoline, the tank may explode causing additional burn injuries. Toxic chemicals may also be spilled, causing other diseases.

Because truck accidents can cause such serious injury, it is especially important to seek compensation if you were not at fault so that you are not held financially responsible for excessive medical bills. However, in many truck accidents, you will have to contend with the trucking company that employs the driver or owns the truck, and these companies are very experienced with legal claims. That is why you need experienced legal aid of your own. If you live in Tennessee, and you have been injured in a truck accident, visit our webpage to learn how we can help you with your personal injury claim.

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