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There are many similarities between truck accidents other motor vehicle accidents, but ultimately truck accidents are more severe in almost every way. Factors that most people consider for more traditional car accidents are even more serious when it comes to truck accidents, including the size and speed difference of the vehicles as well as factors that may have contributed to the accident. For instance, it is not very often that the driver of a passenger car causes an accident by falling asleep at the wheel. This is not necessarily the case with truck accidents.

Many truck drivers are paid by the mile, and they are scheduled to drive a certain number of miles at a given time. However, the road is a strange and dangerous place, and you can never quite be sure of how long a given trip is going to take you. A traffic jam in a major city or an accident on the side of the road can cost a truck driver hours, and he or she may feel pressured to make up that lost time no matter the cost.

This desire to make up for lost time can often result in truck drivers staying on the road for far longer than they should. Fatigue may eventually set in, and if a truck driver dozes off at the wheel even for a moment, it could cause serious damage to other drivers on the road. However, truck accidents are more complex than normal car accidents, so legal help is highly recommended if you seek to file a claim for compensation.

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