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Car accidents are frighteningly common all across the country, including in Tennessee, and even those of us who have never been in a car accident have likely seen enough to know what types of injuries we can expect. Whiplash injuries can cause damage to nerves and soft tissue; shrapnel can cause cuts and in extreme cases, serious blunt force trauma can cause brain injury or even death. Truck accidents are far less common than car accidents, which is why you may not know about the additional injuries you could suffer.

Just like car accidents, truck accidents can cause significant blunt force trauma and whiplash. Of course, because of the increased size of trucks, these injuries are likely to be even more severe. However, because of the nature of the trucks involved in these accidents, there could be additional types of injury possibilities that you may not be expecting.

Large trucks are often employed to ship large, heavy objects over great distances, but in some instances, the cargo that these trucks are transporting is also toxic, flammable or hazardous in some other way. Even if you manage to avoid some of the more common injuries from a truck accident, exposure to toxic chemicals or burns suffered from flammable materials may still injure you.

Fortunately, even if you find yourself the victim of such abnormal injuries, you are still entitled to recover compensation with a successful personal injury claim. If you can prove that the truck driver was at fault in the accident and that your injuries were the result of another party’s negligence, you could recover compensation. Visit our web page to learn how we can help you with a personal injury claim in Tennessee.

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