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One of life’s hardest moments is when someone you love passes away. Expected or not, the grieving that follows takes a toll on everyone involved.

When a loved one’s death was at the fault of someone else, the grieving can be tougher to work through.

If someone’s carelessness resulted in a death, filing a lawsuit is an option to consider. While some may argue that winning a settlement does little to console the family, it can help with any extra costs that may have occurred because of the death, such as paying for the funeral or medical bills. A settlement can even help with the lost wages that occurred prior to the loved one’s passing.

If the death was caused by a serious case of negligence, a judge may have the defendant pay punitive damages, which is a larger amount of money to further punish the person for their wrongdoing.

For the victim, it is their spouse, children, or parents that receive this award. Who receives the money is decided by the family situation, case by case. It is also these same relatives that can file the lawsuit, and in the state of Tennessee, so can the executor and administrator of the estate.

While the period following the death of a loved one can be extremely hard, this is the crucial time to begin legal action. Tennessee’s law states that you have up to one year from the date of the person’s death to file a lawsuit in the correct court.

The above information may help you in your situation, but it is not legal advice.

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