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When injuries cause bleeding, blood clots can be vital to the life and health of people in Tennessee, and elsewhere. However, if they form unnecessarily, blood clots may lead to serious medical conditions. In order to treat these clots and prevent the possible complications, patients may be prescribed blood thinning medications, including Xarelto. Unfortunately, using Xarelto may pose an excessive bleeding risk.

Should cholesterol plaques that form in the arteries break open, it starts the clotting process. This may result in a blood clot. According to WebMD, blood clots may also form when blood pools in people’s heart or blood vessels as a result of improper blood flow. As a result of blood clots, patients may suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Although it is commonly known as a blood thinner, Xarelto does not thin the blood. This medication is a type of anticoagulant. It slows down the clotting process by inhibiting the liver’s production of vitamin K. This increases the time it takes for blood to clot.

These medications can be very useful in preventing the potentially fatal effects of blood clots. However, Xarelto may be dangerous because it does not differentiate between safe and unsafe blood clots. Consequently, people who use this medication may not be able to stop bleeding when they have surgery or are injured. Additionally, they may experience frequent bruising, excessive bleeding from scratches or cuts, unusual nosebleeds and bleeding from the gums. This excessive bleeding can be serious and, in some cases may lead to death.

Using certain medications in conjunction with Xarelto may increase patients’ bleeding risk. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, these include the following:

  •          Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  •          Clopidogrel, or Plavix
  •          Warfarin sodium medications, such as Jantoven or Coumadin
  •          Medications that contain heparin

Additionally, Xarelto may be a potentially dangerous drug when used along with other medications that are meant to treat or prevent blood clots. Aspirin or products that contain aspirin may also increase the risk of bleeding for patients who use Xarelto.

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