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Auto defects can cause serious accidents when operating a motor vehicle, which is why you need to be informed of any recalls issued for your car or truck. Vehicle manufacturers are held to a standard when it comes to producing vehicles so they do not injure operators or passengers. Auto defects can not only injure, but also kill people if not taken care of immediately.

Auto defects can occur in any of the following items, but this is not an exhaustive list:

– Seat belts

– Tires

– Steering column

– Air bags

– Brakes

– Lights

– Engine

– Transmission

– Accelerator

– Wiring system

An auto defect is defined by the United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety as “any defect in performance, construction, a component, or material of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment.”

The auto defect in question in your case must pose a risk to motor vehicle safety in general and might be present in a group of the same vehicles or in the same equipment type.

Some examples of auto defects that can injure or kill vehicle occupants include:

– Wiring system issues that lead to a fire.

– Broken steering wheel column that results in sudden loss of vehicle control.

– Accelerator sticking that causes sudden unintended acceleration.

– Cracked or broken wheels that cause a loss of control in the vehicle.

– Air bags deploying under conditions that do not call for them.

– Fuel system component issues that can lead to spills and potentially fire during an accident.

– Improperly installed windshield that can shatter easily, causing injury to occupants.

– Engine cooling fan that stops working, causing an engine to overheat and possibly catch fire during operation of the vehicle.

There are also auto defects unrelated to safety and they include radios and air conditioners that do not work properly, body panel rust, excessive oil consumption and more.

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