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Injuries to consumers are serious, no matter the severity, and should be reported as soon as possible. Drivers and passengers in cars and trucks can be injured by more than just an accident. Many are injured by a car defect. If this is the case, you will want to know what follows such an injury and how to deal with it.

Victims of a car defect injury can suffer any slew of injuries, including the following:

– Broken bones

– Severed limbs

– Broken vertebrae or pinched nerves

– Concussions

– Lacerations

– Severe head trauma

– Memory loss

– Burns

– Loss of sight

Claims victims can file against the vehicle manufacturer or dealer for defects can include the following parts:

– Fuel system

– Exhaust system

– Body and frame

– Electrical system

– Lubrication system

– Brakes

– Suspension and steering

– Temperature control and cooling system

– Airbags

– Passenger compartment

Victims of these injuries can file a claim of strict liability if the following three items exist in the case:

– The vehicle or a component in the vehicle had an unreasonably dangerous defect that was the direct cause of your injury.

– The defect that caused the injury did so while you were using the vehicle in the way it was intended to be used.

– The vehicle in which you were injured was not significantly altered from the state it was in when it was sold to you.

Should your case proceed, you will be able to ask for and likely recover damages for the injury incurred from the defect. Damages can include pain and suffering, medical expenses, attorney’s fees, loss of wages, loss of future wages and punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to penalize the vehicle manufacturer for the defect that injured the victim.

An experienced products liability attorney can answer all of your questions if you’ve been injured by a car defect in Nashville, Tennessee.

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