In Defective Medical Devices

Defective medical devices have caused millions of dollars in damages to patients across the country. Patients have suffered worsened medical conditions, severe injury and even death due to these devices. If you are injured by a defective medical device you should document all of your medical expenses in preparation for a lawsuit.

Some of the most common medical expenses that stem from a defective medical device injury include the following:

– Surgery costs

– Diagnostic testing

– Hospital bills

– Ambulatory bills

– Prescription medications

– Pain and suffering management

– Rehabilitation

– Therapy

– Insurance costs

– Medical equipment rentals

In order to prove that these expenses, and others, were the direct result of your injury from a defective medical device, you will need to have thorough documentation at the ready. Documentation is key to proving these expenses and getting reimbursed for them in a lawsuit against the product manufacturer.

You will be asked to provide hospital bills, prescriptions and associated bills, receipts from medical treatment received and any other documents that can prove the amount of money for which you are seeking reimbursement.

Many victims of defective medical devices wonder if they can still recover compensation for medical expenses if they have insurance. The simple answer to this dilemma is yes, they can still recover compensation. Even though a person had the ability to acquire insurance, most courts will not hold this against them in such cases.

There are instances where only paid medical expenses will be covered in such a lawsuit. This means that the market value of the services paid for will not be reimbursed, just the actual amount paid by the plaintiff. The market value is typically more than what the plaintiff paid in medical bills.

If you have been injured by defective medical devices, document your medical expenses and contact our firm in Tennessee to discuss your case and determine the next course of action.

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