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Of course no one wants to get a lemon when car shopping. This is a vehicle that just seems to have defect after defect. Even when you get it fixed, it just breaks down again. You can never seem to solve all of the issues.

Can buying a lemon actually be dangerous? Should you be worried about more than just the financial side of fixing the lemon?

Experts say that it certainly can be dangerous. Cars traveling at highway speeds are going fast enough to take lives if something goes wrong. You put your faith in that machine to work every time you take it out. You trust it to keep you safe.

When you have a lemon, it may not deserve that trust. What if the brakes give out when you’re coming to a hill and an intersection? What if the accelerator sticks and you cannot slow down? What if the blinkers fail and other drivers do not know what you intend to do?

There are endless problems that can lead to an accident. A defective vehicle essentially forces you to gamble with your own safety and the safety of others. You cannot trust it to work flawlessly at 70 miles per hour when your very life could be on the line. At those speeds, even one small issue can be enough to cause an accident.

While many car accidents stem from human error, it is important to consider the risks of driving poorly designed and poorly built vehicles. When the defects of a vehicle put you in danger or land you in the hospital, make sure you really know what legal options you have.

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