traci root - Bart Durham

Tracie Root

Office Manager

Tracie was hired as a paralegal in November 1994. After years of caseload work, Tracie became a senior paralegal and now serves as office manager for the firm. She attained an Associate’s Degree from Volunteer State College, and graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration. She went on to receive her paralegal certification at Southeastern Institute for Paralegal Education. She also serves on the Middle Tennessee Paralegal Association board for continuing legal education.

A native of Nashville, Tracie enjoys the diverse people who are drawn to the city. Her interest in law was first sparked when the company she worked for went on strike and she had the opportunity to work with lawyers. “I like fast-paced work,” she says. “I felt it was my niche.”

Tracie’s hobbies include reading, exercising, scrapbooking, playing piano, spending time with her husband Matt and two daughters and traveling when she can.

If you need somebody you can really count on, Tracie is the one you can put your confidence in. If you give her something to do, it will certainly get done.