Failing to recognize the signs of respiratory distress after the birth of a baby can result in serious, life-changing injuries. If they do not receive proper medical care, these babies may suffer brain hemorrhages, blood clots, bleeding in the lungs and developmental impairment.

If your baby has suffered this type of birth injury, and he or she was only later diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome, you may have a cause of action against the delivering obstetrician and medical facility where your child was born.

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We have witnessed the heartbreak of parents who have come to the realization that their children have been seriously injured. We have dedicated our legal careers to helping our clients obtain fair compensation for their losses and suffering — as well as answers about what happened.

When you choose our law firm to represent you, we will direct a comprehensive investigation into the events leading to your child’s injury, document the negligence of medical providers and seek the best possible result for you.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome And Your Child

Respiratory distress syndrome afflicts newborns whose lungs are not fully developed at the time of birth. In this medical condition, the baby’s lungs cannot produce pulmonary surfactant, which is necessary to prevent the collapse of the lungs. Babies born with respiratory distress syndrome need immediate treatment to prevent injuries to their lungs, brain and other organs.

My law firm will consult with medical experts to understand how the treatment provided to your child failed to meet the expected standard of care. Our lawyers will calculate the full value of your child’s economic and noneconomic losses, and seek the best possible settlement or jury award.

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