Historical Documents

Fox Letter to Pack

Pack Letter to Fox

Deatherage Letter to Durham

Carney Jr Letter to Robinson

Carney Jr Letter to Lafon

Bart Durham City Confidential

AP Wire

Neil v. Biggers – Oral Argument – October 18, 1972

Torrence Letter to Bart

State Ordered to Pay Appealed Jobless Benefits

Security to be Tight at Ray Court Hearing

Ray May Spend Part of Time Painting Interior of Building

Judge Orders Amputation of Woman’s Leg

Friend Letter to Rice 1

District Attorneys General Conference 1974

Decision on Lawyer Fees Ruled Illegal

Custom Tape v Sumner County

Brady Letter to Bart

Bart Durham Resume

Bart Durham Appendix

Williams Letter to Bart

US Attorney Appoints an Assistant in Ripley

The Law Meets Economies of Scale

State Fights Bringing Ray to Memphis

Rutherford Letter to Bart

Nashville Honorary Deputy Clerk of the Juvenile Court

Indigent Prisoners Rights Emphasized

Advertising in the Legal Profession

Dwyer Letter to Pack

Dwyer Letter to Bart

Criminal Law Seminar 1975

Bart Durham State Asst Atty General

Bart Durham Nashville’s Maverick Attorney Article

Armed Robber Nets 13 Cents 10 Year Term

Wilder Letter to Bart

Burks v. United States – Oral Argument – November 28, 1977


Supreme Court Gets Ad Ban Complaint

Supreme Court Gets Ad Ban Complaint 2

Russell Letter to Bart

Miller Letter to Bart

Board of Professional Responsibility – Licensed in TN Sept 7, 1963

Friend Letter to Rice 2