Tennessee Injury Settlement Lawyers Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Has your insurance company, or that of a negligent person who caused an accident and seriously injured you, refused to act as it should in fulfilling its obligation to you, the policy holder?

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They have the perfect right to do so. But when their financial bottom line comes before justice for you — the innocent victim of an accident injury, occupational illness or episode of medical malpractice — Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, Tennessee, will fight long and hard for your rights, behind the scenes and in court.

Justice Is Your Right. We Demand It.

When an insurance company goes out of its way to delay or deny a perfectly legitimate personal injury claim against one of its insureds, our firm will apply comprehensive knowledge of law and investigative fact-finding efforts to gather every detail that can support your side of the story. If you have been dealing with time off the job, lost wages and accumulating medical expenses on top of the pain and suffering of your recovery, our firm’s goal is to see that your rights are protected.

Has a refusal of your claim discouraged you from pursuing it? That is exactly what insurance companies want you to do. Your Bart Durham Injury Law attorney will level the playing field for you with exhaustive research and aggressive advocacy every time. From wherever you are in Tennessee, contact my law firm to discuss your insurance legal problems in a free initial consultation.

You Can Trust The Insurance Claim Attorneys At Bart Durham Injury Law

While insurance companies are less than communicative in dealing with claims, they act much faster when negligence from one of their insureds injures you in an accident. They can be highly aggressive in pressuring you into a quick, “fair” settlement. The last thing they want is a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit that could result in the kind of full financial compensation that allows you to move on with your life.

Facing insurance companies is no do-it-yourself project. They employ clever strategies to avoid their responsibilities, and have a battery of attorneys at their disposal. You can overcome that advantage with intelligent, aggressive and successful representation provided by our team of  personal injury trial lawyers. We are your tireless advocates against insurance companies that may be engaging in poor business practices.

Remember: Justice is your right; our law firm demands it.

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My team of experienced Nashville injury compensation lawyers welcomes the opportunity to serve you. Bart Durham Injury Law can handle your insurance claim, beginning with your free consultation. Call Bart Durham Injury Law in Nashville at 800-844-1712. Our law firm accepts cases on a contingency fee basis — you owe no attorney fee unless you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict. Se habla Español.