Brain damage can be severe and disabling. When negligence causes an accident that results in head injuries and a serious brain injury, you need the type of representation the team of trial attorneys at Bart Durham Injury Law, in Nashville, provides.

We are the personal injury trial attorney Bart Durham, of Nashville, Tennessee. With more than 75 combined years of trial litigation, we have seen how devastating a traumatic brain injury can be to the victim, as well as the entire family. Your attorney will work with the family of the individual who was victimized by an accident.

Brain injuries are difficult to detect through an MRI or CT scan. The brain itself still remains mysterious to the most qualified of medical experts. There may be no physical signs of brain damage, but it can happen in a variety of accidents, including:

Striking your head against a windshield or the pavement can do significant damage and forever change you. When a negligent car or truck driver, construction site contractor, or doctor creates a setting where a brain injury can occur, he or she needs to be held accountable.

To establish a solid case for damages in a brain damage injury claim, our team works with a variety of experts to get their insight and have them provide their expert testimony if needed. Medical professionals will provide insight on the long-term prognosis of your traumatic brain injury (TBI) and how it will determine your personal and professional futures. Those who handle vocational matters will talk about your ability to hold a job in your chosen profession or any profession. Your attorney’s focus will be to build the best case possible following your brain damage accident.

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