Tennessee Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are known for the dangers that they pose to workers. The use of dangerous machinery and ascending to great heights in scaffolds puts construction workers at risk of injury every day. Bart Durham’s Workplace Injury Lawyers, in Nashville, Tennessee to Bowling Green, Kentucky, has represented clients injured in construction site accidents where negligence played a major part in causing their injuries.

Those who operate construction sites have an obligation to maintain high standards of safety in these already dangerous environments. When they fall short in that obligation and that results in a construction site accident injury, you need a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated advocate. That is where we come in to help. Do not face a large construction or contracting company on your own.

Our team of attorneys and legal professionals will go through every detail related to your construction site accident case. Many injuries suffered at a construction site are severe and deadly. A fall from scaffolding or an injury or electrical shock from equipment failure can potentially be fatal.

The company operating the site is not always the entity solely responsible if you suffer a construction site accident. Many times, a defective product causes a construction site accident. We will work on your behalf to hold the product manufacturer responsible for the industrial injury suffered.

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