People have been getting injured in car accidents practically since the horseless carriage was invented. Hardly a day has gone by without report of an accident on radio or TV. You may even have passed an accident scene today. But what you think you know about car accidents and the insurance claim process may not be completely accurate.

At Bart Durham Injury Law, our car accident lawyers offer more than 75 combined years of experience helping accident victims obtain medical care and compensation. When you call us about a car accident, the attorneys and staff at Bart Durham Injury Law will take time to listen to you and your concerns. We will also explain your rights and discuss how we can help you.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Provide Answers to Some Myths

Some information about car accidents is discussed below. You probably have questions about your own case. In a free consultation, an attorney at Bart Durham Injury Law can review your situation and discuss other matters that are important to you.

Myth — If you feel OK after an accident, there’s no need to worry or obtain medical care.

False. The effects of many injuries, such as concussions or internal injuries, may not reveal themselves until some time has passed. You should seek medical care as soon as possible and follow the instructions of your doctor.

Myth — A low-impact accident does not cause serious injuries.

Not necessarily true. A low-impact accident can cause injuries serious enough to require medical treatment.

Myth — Hiring a lawyer to settle your insurance claim won’t make much of a difference in the amount of money you receive.

Not true. One study showed that when claimants had legal representation, they received 53 percent more than claimants who did not have representation.

Myth — A passenger in a car that is hit by another vehicle has no legal recourse against the other driver or his or her insurance company.

False. As an injured passenger, you can seek compensation from all liable parties, including the insurance company of the other driver or the insurance company of driver of the vehicle you were in.

Myth — After an accident, you should always call your insurance company first.

While you have to report the accident to your insurance company in order to file a claim, you should remember that insurance companies often record their calls. You may say things that could be misinterpreted or that could be used to deny your claim. Call Bart Durham Injury Law at 800-844-1712 before calling your insurance company.

Myth — The police report has accurate information about the accident.

Not always true. The police report may not provide a complete picture of the sequence of events leading up to the accident. At Bart Durham Injury Law, we often use the services of accident reconstruction specialists and other professionals to document how the accident happened and who was responsible.

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