There is no room for negligence when it comes to maintaining a tractor-trailer weighing upwards of 70,000 pounds. If brakes, lights, tires and other safety equipment fail to work as they should, the lives of innocent motorists are put at risk.

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Why Trucks Must Meet Higher Safety Standards

The Department of Transportation places an obligation on trucking companies to perform regular preventive maintenance on tractor-trailers and to keep records showing that the work was done. Drivers are required to perform pre-trip inspections of essential equipment. Here’s why:

  • Defective brakes: Even when air brakes are maintained properly, trucks take twice as long to stop as passenger vehicles. If the brakes are defective or poorly maintained, trucks can plow into stopped traffic.
  • Defective tires: Many trucking companies install retreaded tires on trailers to save money. However, retreads are prone to tire tread separation and blowouts, which can result in a loss of control.
  • Burned-out lights: Turn signals, brake lights and trailer marking lights that don’t work can result in devastating collisions with other vehicles.
  • Broken tie-downs: Items carried on flatbed trailers can become dangerous missiles when the straps and chains used to secure loads break or come loose.

Failing to maintain a truck increases the chances of an accident that can change or end the lives of innocent motorists in a moment. Our firm holds negligent trucking companies and their insurance companies accountable.

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