A rear-end accident or T-bone accident can cause whiplash or other soft tissue injuries. Though accident victims have the right to claim compensation in these cases, insurance companies can be very reluctant to provide fair compensation. Lacking physical evidence of an injury, such as an X-ray showing a broken bone, insurance companies often deny claims involving whiplash, herniated disks and other soft tissue injuries. To get the compensation you deserve, you may need the services of a personal injury law firm.

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The attorneys of Bart Durham Injury Law in Nashville have a proud record of success in automobile accident cases. Wee work tirelessly to obtain fair compensation for every client, because we know the difference that a successful case can make in our clients’ lives.

Obtaining Medical Care And Compensation For Accident Victims

When representing you, Bart Durham Injury Law will place a priority on helping you get the medical care and rehabilitation services you need. In addition, we will seek full compensation for your all other economic and noneconomic losses.

We will learn about your medical needs in discussions with your doctor or other medical specialists. To show how the injury has affected your life, we may recommend that you keep a diary or write down a before-and-after comparison of the things you can no longer do. Bart Durham Injury Law will work to build a strong and effective case designed to obtain all of the compensation you deserve.

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For a free initial consultation about a case involving soft tissue injuries caused by a car accident, call 615-242-9000 or Toll Free at 800-844-1712. At Bart Durham Injury Law, justice is your right — and we demand it. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Our firm accepts accident cases on a contingency fee basis — you owe no attorney fee unless you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict. Se habla Español.

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