Trucking companies and their drivers are required to abide by federal and state laws and regulations. This includes adhering to certain safety standards in their company management policies. All too often, failure to abide by these regulations results in serious, injury-causing motor vehicle accidents. In these situations, the trucking company itself can be held liable due to its illegal management policies.

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Signs Of Illegal Freight Company Policy

Although many factors contribute to an accident, sometimes the evidence can point to liability on the part of the trucking company. Our attorneys can examine every detail of your case to search for these issues, including the following:

  • Are there signs of driver fatigue? This could be a sign of violations to maximum driver on-duty times or overtime laws.
  • Was the driver distracted or operating under the influence? This could be a sign of failure to properly screen employees.
  • Did there appear to be issues with the vehicle itself? This could point to improper vehicle maintenance, insufficient safety inspections or exceeding of load limits.

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