After a truck accident, it is important to begin a thorough investigation as soon as possible. Much can be learned about the accident before the vehicles and debris are hauled away and the skid marks are worn away by traffic.

Attorneys and staff at Bart Durham Injury Law have the investigative resources and advocacy skills needed to prove negligence in truck accident cases. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to obtain the best possible settlement or jury award for you.

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“The trucking company and its insurance company will have an investigator on the scene soon after a truck accident. You need an experienced legal team working for you.” — Bart Durham

Investigating a truck accident involves much more than just sending one person out to inspect the accident scene.

In your case, Bart Durham Injury Law will act quickly to preserve important evidence and begin an investigation into the accident. Working with one or more accident investigators, our attorneys will document the negligence of the trucking company, the truck driver or other parties. When they can assist in the case preparation process, we can call upon the services of other experts, such as a specialist in trucking company operations, a road design engineer and professionals in other disciplines. We will also examine the effect the accident has had on your life with the help of your doctor and other medical specialists. Finally, Bart Durham Injury Law will make a full accounting of your financial losses and pain and suffering for inclusion in your claim. Bart Durham Injury Law will be your strong advocate, working hard to obtain full compensation for you.

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